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    Unhappy Unanswered: Two fields different results needed???

    i have two field on my report,both are the CompanyName
    First field tells the company name the users belongs to and that is fine,the second field is suppose to give me the company name that is doing the work for the users.

    I know that I need CompanyName where "Type of Company='RS' " but I can't quite put that in my report and make it give me correct results.

    so could somebody help me with that,where would I need to insert that data and how exactly would that need to be said in order to get what I need.


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    This might work

    Have you tried to use a formula field with an if then statement?

    Basically you use a formula field that would say If(datafield) = "rs" then formula = "Company 1" else if ......

    Hope that helps.

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