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    Question Unanswered: Clipper 5.2e With CDX

    Hi ,

    I have developed software in Clipper 5.2e, linked with DBFCDX to convert NTX files into CDX files.

    I did CDX indexing of all my data files, whose extension is given as SMI, in foxpro 2.6.

    But when i enter new data which updates more than 7 database files, i find that all CDX files of these 7 database gets corrupt

    I came to know about this corruption when i tried to retrieve same data and found that it showed some ther entry.

    I am unable to find the reason. Pls if anybody could help me on this.

    Husain Salik

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    Move to xBase ++ by Alaska Software. Runs Clipper & dBase out of the box. Has a server module.

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