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    Unanswered: Checkcatalog throws 7411,7417 & 7418 errors


    The syslogs of a user database had become full and rather than truncating the log the user shutdown the database.In order to recover the server I update the segmap of a data segment to 7 and the server came up fine.I then truncated the log and reset the segmap to 3.

    After this when I run dbcc checkcatalog(dbname) I get a stacktrace and errors 7144,7417 & 7418.The dbcc checktable & tablealloc for systhresholds& syslogs are clean.I have attached the error herewith.

    How do I get rid of these errors ? And how do they affect my database ?

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    This is what I got from Sybase Solved cases...

    Reference Case#: 10855821
    Product: Adaptive Server Enterprise
    Open Date: 7/30/02 07:57:14
    OS: Windows NT 4.0
    Version/EBF: 1200 Generic
    Platform: PC Windows NT Generic
    Case Description:
    dbcc checkcatalog results in error 7417, 7411 & 7418.

    - Boot the server with TF 7412 so that an Allocation page scan method (TH_ALLOCSCAN) is always choosen. The drawback is that this flag always forces a data free space recalculation during the recovery even when the data free space counts flushed to disk are trustable.

    - Another workaround is to get rid of the stranded data extents. One easy way is to convert the involved user tables from APL <-> DOL <-> APL or from DOL <-> APL <-> DOL using ALTER TABLE LOCK command. Once the dbcc findstranded() ouput is clean, checkpoint all databases (optional) and shutdown with nowait (so that a free space recalculation takes place).

    This issue is addressed in CR # 280099 which is scheduled to be fixed in ESD #1:

    7411, 7417 or 7418 errors may be reported by DBCC CHECKCATALOG when checking a database that has a non-dedicated log and which contains user table extents in its log segment.


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    Thank you very much for your inputs.

    Though I was wondering why dbcc rebuild_log does not clear up the stranded extents ?

    Appreciate your time.


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