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    Cool Unanswered: Change publisher server

    I have transactional replication on SQL2000 with 60 subscribers.
    For disaster recovery procedure i need to establish new replication within 15 minutes on another server with same subscribers.
    Can i just confogure another DB as publisher and connect exist subscribers to new publisher ??


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    Yes and no.

    Before we begin, a cluster might be a better solution for this case. Either active-active or active-passive will allow you to avoid the down time and the hassle of the move. There is a trade off in terms of the complexity of the cluster, but that still seems like a better choice to me for your situation.

    I'd suggest that you check KB #822400 for more details on Disaster Recovery for SQL Server.


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    Change publisher server

    First of all thank you for answering.
    Now i have cluster in my environment (Active / Passive ) .I am talking about real disaster - cluster have gone , so i need to move the publisher during minimal time to another location.

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