1. Have a look at the front page where all the forums are listed.
Earlier today I replied to Izyrider's posting named "Fed up" in this forum.
I even made a specific title for my reply, but on the main page, it shows up as if the original posting/title is mine. No "Re: Fed up", or "Reply to "Fed up" by kedaniel" or something smilar.

One consequence:
If there is a posting with a "bad"/embarassing, or for anyone who does NOT bother to read the actual posting/reply, I will be reluctant to reply if it makes a wrong impression of my online behaviour/opinions etc.

Now, "Fed up" is not bad, but still does not (yet, anyway) correctly reflect my opinion, so I would rather have my title apperaring there, or at least an indication that I did not start but rather replied to the actual thread. Then it might be a good thing to state who the originator is as well. I think many of us opens postings based on WHO has posted/who is the originator, not just based on the title/issue.

2. Maybe we are barking up the wrong tree here, can anyone please tell us if it is fruitful of suggesting design/feature changes here, or if we should rather contact the vBulletin makers?

To which degree can you guys at dbforums affect design changes like the ones posted here the last month, without the assistance of vBulletin?

3. Question (or maybe a suggestion):
Here in my postings I would like to make use of the "Post icons", not only smileys. Green arrow, Exclamation mark, etc. Can I use them here?

(next is "confused" between colons, which works