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    Unanswered: Oracle on Windows to Oracle on Unix connectivity

    I have got a problem in data migration. Basically I want to do following steps.

    1. I need to send one value to Oracle on Unix from Oracle on Windows 2000
    2. In return I need to get a value from Oracle on Unix.
    3. Store the returned value in the local Oracle on Windows 2000.

    Can I do this just by writing some scripts ?

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    look up dblink. this should solve your problems.
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    Take a look at this example Oracle DB Links on how to create and use Oracle db link.

    Once you have the link you can use any remote db table in your SQL queries and DML. No need to worry about the OS or location. The table apears to you transparently of its location.


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    Question Trading Values

    DBlink is a perfectly valid option and probably the easiest method.

    Another option is to use PL/SQL scripts and the DBMS_PIPE option
    to 'pipe' a value or values between the 2 DB's.

    You'd need to experiment a little to get this right so checkout the DBMS_PIPE
    documentation and see if this is better for you then the DBlink method.

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