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    Unanswered: Transactional replication failed and cannot restart

    Transactional replication running via a pull subscription between a single subscriber and single publisher on Windows 2000 servers (all current service packs and patches) with SQL Server 2000.

    Early on Sunday morning, the server hosting the publisher was rebooted...but SQL Server Agent failed to start fully, causing the log reader agent to not start and no alerts to trigger. Still trying to isolate the cause of the problem with SQL Server Agent, as it's been problematic to keep it up and running. For the most part, though, it's coming up properly after restarts of the service or reboots, and starting all agents/functions.

    However, the snapshot agent ran a number of times pulling schema and batch copies for the articles in the replicated dataset, and the distribution agent now fails each time it runs with a reference to "not having the initial snapshot for the publication available". SQL Server Agent went down before this could complete, and I left it down until I could ascertain the best route to take...

    Any chance I can circumvent having to reapply a initial snapshot of the publication db (this is a large set of data), and just apply transactions from the log since my downtime has only been about 60 hours? Or is there an agent setting, job run to reinitialize, or an inherent quality to SQL Server Agent that will demand a complete reapplication of the snapshots due to the down time?

    I'm betting that the distribution agent will start moving data as soon as the snapshot agent finishes up (as I said, it has not completed yet), but I'm praying there's a way to get around this...


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    First of all refer to SQL server error logs and SQLAgent log for the reference on the SQLAGent startup failures.
    --Satya SKJ
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