Free Tool estimates size of MS SQL Server 7/2000 tables and their clustered indexes.

"TABLESIZER" is a Visual Basic .Net application, which estimates the size of a Microsoft SQL

Server 7/2000 table and it's clustered index (if it has one).

TableSizer may be acquired by sending an
e-mail to "", including your e-mail address.

An e-mail with a 64kb zip file attachment containing TableSizer & Readme.txt files will be returned to requestor.

TableSizer requires the .Net Framework in order to execute "TableSizer.exe".

Installing and using TableSizer in no way changes or modifies your PC/Server. There are no registery entries made or maintained. There are no OCXs/DLLs installed or registered.

Uninstall by simply deleteing TableSizer.exe.

This is a "no-frills", spartan user interface, get the job done application!!!