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    Thumbs down Unanswered: OCCI Connection Pool

    I do not understand why I have to pass the username and password to create the ConnectionPool from Environment and then I need to pass the username and password to create the Connection from the ConnectionPool again?

    ConnectionPool* createConnectionPool(const string &poolUserName
    const string &poolPassword,
    const string &connectString = "",
    unsigned int minConn = 0,
    unsigned int maxConn = 1,
    unsigned int incrConn = 1)

    Connection* createConnection(const string &userName,
    const string &password)

    I cannot search the related info from the documentation and the web. Could anyone help?


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    "authentication and connection pooling at a Java middle tier"
    Ignore that fact that it says JAVA, cuz I think it asnswers your question
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