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    Exclamation Unanswered: FMP Hangs


    I have FMP Unlimited 6.0v4 running Web Companion 6.0v3 on a Mac XServe 2x1.33 with 2GB RAM/4x180GB drives (with OSX Server 10.3.3). There are eight databases running off an iMac (512MB/20GB) with FMP Server 5.5v4.

    The two major databases have 400,000 and 135,000 records each and have three related fields. I'm running FMP Connector with Apache on the XServe so most of the web load has been taken off of the Web Companion.

    The problem is that I get (seemingly) random "beach ball of death" on FMP Unlimited. The database system works fine for hours but then hangs and I have to kill FMP Unlimited and then relaunch it. None of the system or application logs indicate that anything is wrong.

    OSX Server: I burned the XServe to the ground and reinstalled the OS from scratch. I also disabled crashreporterd, have optimized vnodes and am running Panther Cache Cleaner every 24 hours.

    Hardware: I've been through the wringer with Apple Premium Support and have determined that the XServe is fine. The XServe ran on the bench for 36 hours without a problem. To make sure, I've swapped out RAM and run all the diagnostics I could get my hands on and the hardware seems fine.

    FMP Unlimited: I worked with the very helpful tech support at Filemaker and have rebuilt the databases from scratch including creating new structures, reinstalling FMP Unlimited, and paring down the database to about 20% of the actual records. The database ran fine for a couple months with 20% of the records but once I imported all the records back in (from tab-delimited files) FMP Unlimited started to hang again.

    As you might imagine, I'm about at the end of my rope and my client is getting impatient. Any help anyone can offer is much appreciated.



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    Hi Dennis,
    The fact that your database ran solidly with 20% of the records, but has returned to former instability with the import of the other 80% from your text files makes me wonder about data corruption.

    It is possibly for rogue characters (high ascii and ascii control characters) to be present in a text file, sometimes without being visible. These characters can play havoc with the database's interpretation of its own internal structure.

    To test for this, you might open the delimited data files in BBEdit and examine the data (using the 'show invisibles' and 'zap gremlins' options etc) - or better still, pay a visit to:

    and download the Protolight Character Sieve utility and give it a workout.

    If it reveals nothing, then it will still have been a worthwhile exercise for the sake of eliminating a further possible cause of the problem.

    FileMaker Developer

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