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    Question Query on combining queries

    Hello good people.

    Here is the situation.

    I have clubs that have bands playing them

    I have bands, some of which have songs on my site, some don't.

    I want to be able to generate a list of clubs, then show the band playing there. if the band has a song, I want to show it right after their name.

    I have two queries, each of which works.

    <cfquery name="get_bands_with_their_clubs" datasource="#datasourceforreal#" dbtype="ODBC">select clubcountry,clubstate,clubcity,bandname,clubname,m onthofshow,dayofshow from band,clubs,showdates
    where clubid = showclubid
    and bandid =showdatesbandid and verified = 'y'

    <cfquery name="get_bands_with_their_songs" datasource="#datasourceforreal#" dbtype="ODBC">
    select song
    from songs,band,album
    where bandid = albumbandid
    and songalbumid = albumid
    and posted = 'y'

    But i can't seem to output them both at the same time.

    would like to do something like

    <cfoutput query="????">

    #clubname# #bandname# #song# </cfoutput>

    Am using ms access, cold fusion 5...

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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