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    Unanswered: normalization hellp?

    I have following fields ,which I wont put in the tables ,but I an not sure is it right way, so if anyone could hell me or give any suggestion.

    Customer ID, Customer Name, Product ID, Product Name, Part ID, Part Name,
    Quantity Needed, Supplier ID, Supplier Name

    I have done like this

    Customers (Customer ID, Customer Name)
    Parts (Part ID, Part Name, Supplier ID, Quantity on Hand, Quantity on Order
    Supplier (Supplier ID, Supplier Name)
    Product (Product ID, Product Name)
    Ordered Items (Product ID, Part ID, Customer ID, Quantity Needed)

    Im not sure did I put quantities on the right table, and also there could be something wrong with relationships, because I cant add data in all tables.

    Thanks for your time and help!!!!
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