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    Unanswered: Active X script help in a DTS package

    I have a file that gets placed on our ftp site once a week. The file is named achconsxx.dat

    The xx is the fiscal week meaning the file one week looks like achcons18.dat and the next week it will look like achcons19.dat

    I am trying use an ActiveX script in my DTS package to unzip that file and rename to achcons.dat so I can import.

    My code looks like this so far:

    Function Main()

    Dim objWshshell, objFso
    Dim strCmd, strSubject, strMessage, strFileattachment, rc

    DTSGlobalVariables("gv_strWklydir").value = "\\E$\Update\Data\" ' Weekly directory
    DTSGlobalVariables("gv_strACHFile").value = "achcons" & DTSGlobalVariables("gv_strFW").value & ".zip" ' ACH Group weekly file

    Set objFso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set objWshshell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    rc = 0

    ' Build the Winzip command

    If (objFso.FileExists(DTSGlobalVariables("gv_strWklyd ir").value & DTSGlobalVariables("gv_strACHFile").value)) Then

    strCmd = "winzip32.exe -e -o " & DTSGlobalVariables("gv_strWklydir").value &_
    DTSGlobalVariables("gv_strACHFile") & " " & DTSGlobalVariables("gv_strWklydir").value

    rc = objWshshell.Run(strCmd, 1, true)

    If (objFso.FileExists(DTSGlobalVariables("gv_strWklyd ir").value & objFso.GetBaseName(DTSGlobalVariables("gv_strACHFi le")) & ".dat")) Then
    objFso.GetFile(DTSGlobalVariables("gv_strWklydir") .value & objFso.GetBaseName(DTSGlobalVariables("gv_strACHFi le")) & ".dat").Copy (DTSGlobalVariables("gv_strWklydir").value & "achcons.dat")
    End If

    Set objWshshell = Nothing
    Set objFso = Nothing
    End If

    I also have an e-mail routine that sends me an e-mail if the file doesn't exist. The e-mail works so my code can't see the file it needs to unzip and rename.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    May refer to for any reference on activex using in DTS.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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