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    Unhappy Unanswered: Ora-01000 : maximum open cursors exceeded


    I am using Delphi 7 and Oracle 8.1.7. I am getting the above mentioned error. I know I can change the open_cursors parameter in my init.ora file. Which I have done, to 7500. And I am still getting the problem. So I guess I must go and have a look at my delphi application. What I don't understand is what do they mean by cursors in terms of delphi ? Is that the amount of table and query components that are open ? If that is the case, then I still don't understand what the problem is, because I do close all my queries and tables. I have already run the following query :

    select user_name, status, osuser, machine, a.sql_text
    from v$session b,
    v$open_cursor a
    where a.sid = b.sid

    And according to that the cursor/statement that occurs the most is an insert into a table. So ...... what must I do about that ? I use a table component to insert the records and the insert is in a loop. So must I open and close the table the whole time ? Put a db.starttransaction before the insert and a db.commit after the insert ? I have done all of these and it does not work. I am clearly missing something, but got no idea what.

    If anybody have an explanation, please explain like I am a 5 year old kid, because I have read alot of forums about this subject already and I am still not getting it.


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    thanks for any idea about this problem that i also encounter in the same conditions !

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