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    Unanswered: alternative solution to tnsnames.ora

    We have about 30 Oracle servers, more than 50 users. I would like to know if it is intersting to think
    to avoid using local tnsnames.ora and use other solution (NB: we don't have LDAP in our company).

    Any suggestions ? recommandation ?

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    Create an automounted filesystem that automouts to all your oracle servers. Put a common tnsnames.ora file on that filesystem. On each of your servers create a soft link from $OH/network/admin/tnsnames.ora to the automouted filesystem.

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    You may also need to set the tns_admin variable to point to the automounted file systems, on your oracle clients, and each person must have access to that drive.

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    See the Oracle Documentation under topic

    * Oracle Names Server

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    We are using the TNS_ADMIN variable to look up the database connection information. It works fine. All you need to do is the following:

    1) Place the tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora files in central direcory

    2) Add a environment variable TNS_ADMIN=\\hostname\share to the client (you may also set the variable in the registry if you use windows)

    3) tnsping your database. This will show you the use of the path defined within TNS_ADMIN

    Description here:

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    Talking Why not ldap or names

    We are currently using nameserver (4 of them) with a region database (only 1). We have about 17 servers and 100 databases. We add to the names server using net 8 assistant, pointing to the primary names server. Then within 60 seconds the other three names servers automatically get the modifications. If for some reason the region database is down, it is only a factor if you want central administration (update once poulate many). Our standard desktops sqlnet.ora points to all 4 names servers. The only down side is names server is gone in 10g. So we are looking at how to migrate to oracle ldap. Their is not a lot out their on how to's.

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    Provided Answers: 1
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    * fact: Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition 8.1.7
    * fact: Oracle Internet Directory 2.1.1
    * fact: LDAP
    fix: Setting Up Oracle Internet Directory to do Names Resolution
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