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    Unanswered: locking and transaction(s)

    As i am exploring the wonderful world of transactions i was wondering if it was possible to have a user be prompted a certain row is being updated.

    I started a transaction in my cygwin shell (yes, im using postgresql on a windows machine :P), updated a row (didnt commit it) and then started an update statement in pgadminIII.

    Ofcourse, the update statement in pgadminIII didnt responds at all, as the row was being locked by the transaction.

    When i translate this to a real world environment, i'd rather have the second user be prompted a certain row is "being" updated.

    Is that a possibility in postgresql?

    - Ed

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    Arrow Possible ...

    What you are willing to do is possible by creating a rule ON UPDATE that will trust the user that the row was updated, perhaps you'll have to create a reporting table for that row also, system catalogs can also help you. take your time !
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    Actually, what im looking for is a way to tell another user a certain row is being updated by a certain user.

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