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    Unanswered: email.....

    i'm now doing system for maintenance....the purpose of this sytem is user can use it to send their report to maintenance office.
    after the bos of the maintenance got the report he/she will assign this job to his/her staff.what i want to do is when he/she key in the name of the staff and click button ok.....system will automatically send an e-mail to the staff to inform them about the job.

    the problem is.....i don't know how to do this.
    can somebody help me........

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    Look up ASPMail

    If you don't want to purchase software, you can try usin CDONTS, but I don't much care for it. Google CDONTS, and you'll find plenty of examples. I highly recommend ASPMail though. It's all I use in all of my implementations.
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    Sub SendEmail(from, to, subject, msg)
    Dim objMail
    Set objMail = CreateObject( "CDONTS.Newmail" )
    objMail.From = from
    objMail.To = to
    objMail.Subject = subject
    objMail.Body = msg
    Set objMail = Nothing
    End Sub

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    CDONTS is obsolete component and it's better to use CDOSYS to send an email from an ASP page.

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