05/05/2004 - New Release 2.3.0

We are pleased to announce the awaited version 2.3.0 with some great new features.
Starting in this version it will be possible to manage remote mysql servers through webservices. If you have a database hosted on an ISP and you don't have privilege to connect to the server this feature is for you. By using the webservice to connect to the server through HTTP protocol you can perform the same operations you usually do when connecting to local servers. To make this possible the scripts for the webservice is also shipped with the setup in binary and source formats (available in CGI/C and PHP). For more details about using the mysql webservice check the DBManager Manual.
here is a list of fixed bugs and improvements:

* Fixed PostgreSQL dumps
* Fixed SQlite query execution when sharing the database
* DAO and Text Import Wizards have improved in speed and reliability
* Management of MySQL Through mysql webservices (soon available for other engines too)
* The DBManager now uses User Profile, allowing for users who uses the same computer to share the same installations but with different catalogs
* Now it minizes to System Tray
* Now you can execute multiple queries in the Query Editor. See note in the Manual
* The Datasheet allows to insert NULL values to the columns
* Datasheet Filter and Order remember the last options used
* XML Web Import Wizard to import XML data from disk file, website, or web script. See notes in the Manual.
* And a lot of improvements in the Application

To download the new version goto the Downloads Page.

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