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    Unanswered: How exactly is Rowid is created

    i just wanted to know..
    1) from rowid can i find out which is the oldest record among 2 duplicates if i dont have any date column in my table.

    2) can any once tell me how the rowid is created is it always in increasing order and what exactly the full those 16 charecters stands for could any one please help me ..
    coz i want to delete teh duplicate records and retain the oldest one..

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    I thought I'd already answered (1) for you here:

    You can read all about ROWIDs in the Concepts Guide. The ROWID is made up of various pieces of information such as file number, block number, row number.

    Nothing in the ROWID denotes the order of insertion of the records. The last record inserted may well have a ROWID that is lower than that of 1000s of existing records. ROWIDs are not a solution to the problem you have, which is that you need to know the creation order of records but are failing to record that information!

    Still, if you have 2 duplicate records and no way of telling which is the oldest and which is the newest - does it really matter which one you delete?

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