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Thread: backup database

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    Unhappy Unanswered: backup database

    dear friends,

    i had installed Oralce 8 Personal edition on Win 98 se .
    i was used scott schema to perform table creation and data insertion.

    i OS crashed , but have backup c:\orawin95 folder into CD ROM
    . Now i want to backup my database that i was using.

    I re-installed win98 and oracle 8 .

    can anybody suggest me , how to restore my old database into my new oracle 8 installed ..............
    Plz help me.

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    Red face Have the solution....u r data is safe

    hi ,
    i had came across the same problem last month.
    If u have installed win and po correctly, u can simply ovewrite
    DATABASE folder from u r CD to current oracle home\database folder
    don't forget to revoke Database Folder "Readonly" property.

    goto sql prompt and login into scott schema.
    U r data is safe and sound.

    give me reply if it works.

    all the best and regards,
    ketan jadhav

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