I have a SQL Server that has increased dramatically in size from 9GB to 18GB. This is not related to a significant increase in data volume.

Most of the increase occurs in one table. This contains 1.2 million rows and is refreshed from a table in another database every night, i.e. truncated and repopulated. This grows from 243MB to more than 8GB when the problem occurs, even thought the row count doesn't increase much and there is little difference in the data from one day to the next.

It has happened before and then shrunk back again after a few days. It always happens (or is detected) on a Monday. Over the weekend we run a maintenance plan that includes the following:

1) Reorganize data and index pages (10% free space)
2) Remove unused space from data files (leave 10% free space after shrink)
3) Check database integrity (include indexes)

Is it possible that any of these would dramatically change the amount of space allocated for each row of the table?