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    Unanswered: SQL server not always in ODBC list

    I am setting up a number of the same model laptops (Dell Latitude D600) to connect to a SQL server. I am going through ODBC to do this. My problem is that when setting it up sometimes the server is not part of the drop-down list and cannot be added though other times using the same model laptop w/ seemingly nothing different there's no problem. In addition when I do manually enter the server information and try to connect I receive a "Connection Failed: SQL Server Error 18456...." Then on the next laptop there's no problem at all. In addition when I attempt to add it through System DSN I receive a different error "SQL Server Error: 53" followed by "Error: 6" Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Are all the network settings on these laptops similar? The dropdown list is only supposed to work within a subnet, but in reality tends to work throughout a domain.

    MDAC versions on these laptops could also have something to do with this problem.

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