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    Unanswered: Subtotals in reports (from queries)

    I'm creating a query that determines the quantities of individual menu items ordered over a certain period of time. The fields in the MealOrder table are MenuItemID and Quantity. In the report that will result from this query, I hope to have each individual food item with a different subtotal. For example, I might have:

    (For the month of December)
    There were 18 spaghetti bolognaise dishes ordered.
    There were 64 chicken nugget dishes ordered. opposed to:

    (For the month of December)
    There were 82 menu items ordered.

    How would I do this using a relatively simple calculation (as in, not lines and lines and lines of code)?

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    All depends on where your Menu Item Names are, but to do this by MenuItemID the SQL would be along the lines of:

    Select MenuItemID, sum([Quantity]) AS Total
    FROM MealOrder
    Group By MenuItemID

    Actually, the more complicated bit is likely to be the grouping by month.

    Also, reread you post - if you are talking about a report then keep whatever query you currently have and use it as the report record source. Create a MenuItemID group header, put in two text boxes side by side. Enter MenuItemID as the control source for one and =Sum(IIf([MenuItemID] Is Not Null,Quantity,0)) for the other. There's actually many, many ways of geting totals in a report. This way creates a list of all Menu Items and their corresponding number of orders. Other people could well suggest alternatives.
    To group by month, place a month header above the Menu ID one.
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