I am looking for a way to dynamically "browse" a list of public subs/functions in a user created module within a database. I do not want the procedure's code, just it's name. It would be a bonus to get the parameters and return value, but this is not a necessity.

Previously, I have been referencing a Module from Database.Containers("modules").Documents() then looping through lines of the module using ProcOfLine, ProcBodyLine, Lines, etc. and gathering the procedure names.

This is kind of a pain, but it works. However, I now need the ability to do this with an MDE as well as an MDB. Since the MDE's are compiled, modules are not available for this action.

If I add the MDE as a reference to a VB project or an MDB, and open the object browser, I am able to see the list of procedures. I understand this browser object is based on the tblinf32.dll and have been trying to pull that information using these functions. I am able to programatically get a reference to the MDE that will allow me to view the standards objects with their properties and methods. I have been unable to view modules and what I really need - the functions within those modules.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My application is written in VB6 and using automation to communicate with the user's database.

Thanks, Lynn