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    Cool Unanswered: Creating Form for Storage of Miscellaneous Documents

    The users of my database are asking for a form where they could store links (with icons?) to miscellaneous documents (mostly MS Word, but other types too) associated with the individual project numbers. The text field name for project numbers is 'CSJNumber', which is in the table called tblProjects. An example of such a number is 1234-56-789. The user would need to be able to input their own document titles below the document icon/link. Does anyone have an example they could send me or steer me to? Thanks in advance for the help.

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    You could create a table with a 1:m relationship with your main project table (I assume the Project num is PK); the child table could have just two fields - project num (PK) and a "document desc" field (which would be of data type hyperlink).

    Create the appropriate sub-form for this second table and have it embedded into your main form. All a user has to do is to enter the file path and document name in the second field of the sub-form, and they could enter as many as they want as separate records - they would show up as a link which the user can then click to pull up the document(s) in its (their) native application (Word, Excel, etc).

    If the child table/sub-form is too irksome, you could have it set up as a standalone table - in that case, since a project may have many documents associated with it, it can no longer be PK; an autonum should suffice.

    Hope this helps.

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