I need some help creating a form with multiple checkboxes on it. I’d like to create a form that shows a company with a list of categories. The categories would be a list of checkboxes and a company can have multiple categories.

The problem is, how do I make it so when a checkbox is checked based on its corresponding category it creates a record in the “tblresponse” table with the corresponding company?

I’m assuming there will be some sort of programming involved for each textbox, but I’m up for the task. Examples would be greatly appreciated! I know it can be done by making the categories as the fields with a data type of yes/no, but this isn’t conducive in the long term especially with the other tables I’ll be adding.

Here’s my table setup:

-CompanyID (PK)

-CategoryID (PK)

-ResponseID (PK)
-CompanyID (FK)
-CategoryID (FK)
-Response (yes/no field)

Here’s is an ex. Of the form I’d like to make:

Company Name:

Category 1 [ ]
Category 2 [ ]
Category 3 [ ]