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    Unanswered: Unique IDs

    I've always used the identity field in SQL server to maintain the unique id for a table. With the new DB design at work we brought in a dba and she made us move away from allowing SQL maintain the unique field and having us maintain the unique field in code. To do that we had to begin a transaction, do a select max(id) + 1, insert into table, commit transaction. Doing it this way, I'm starting to see deadlocks due to the transactions locking the table.

    Getting down to what I wanted to know, what is the pro's/con's you guys see in maintaining the unique ID this way and is there a better way of creating an unique id in T-SQL code?


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    The dba you brought in is an absolute freakin' idiot.
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    What's her reasoning? I'd like to see her explaination...
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