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Thread: chmod command

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    Unanswered: chmod command

    chmod 777 *.sh will alter permissions to all .sh files in the current directory.
    Now, if I have lot of sub-directories and a lot of .sh files in all those sub-directories, while sitting in the parentmost directory, how can I alter
    permissions using chmod all on one shot ??
    Is there some flag/options to use so that not only my in my current directory .sh files but also all sub directory .sh files permissions will be changed. Thanks

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    chmod -R *.sh
    man find

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    I tried this. I have 2 problems -

    1. I am in a directory called biotox. There are 15 sub directories beneath it.
    Again these 15 sub directories have other directories beneath it too.
    Now sitting in biotox directory, i tried to issue the chmod -R 777 *.sh ( to change permissions for all sh files in all sub directories.
    The issue is actually the biotox directory doesn't have any .sh files under it . They are only in all the sub-directories. So I get

    chmod: *.sh: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.

    2. I went into a sub-directory called aaa under biotox where there are .sh files. I did chmod -R 777 *.sh
    It changed the permissions for all .sh files directly under aaa directory but not the .sh files in the sub directories of aaa
    How do I achieve this ? Am I going somewhere wrong ? Or could it be OS specific ?
    I am on AIX 5.1


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    Try find . -name "*.sh" -exec chmod 777 {} \;

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    Great...that worked. Thanks a million

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