I am trying to use BdpConnection in Delphi 8 to connect to Oracle 8 database
but it does not seem to work. I go to "Connection Editor" then select
ORAConn1 from the "connections" list. Then in "Connection Setting" it seems
that all that I need to set is database name, user name, and password. I do
that and when I click on "Test" I receive an error message that says
"Connection open failed. ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name".

I can connect to database directly using PL/SQL just fine.

I already went to Oracle - OraHome81 -> Network Administration -> Net 8
Assistant and configured and tested databases.

I am pretty new to all this but when I researched, it seems like all of the
examples of BdpConnections are for other databases than Oracle.

Thanks for you help in advance.