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    Unanswered: HELP: Detect Changes on Windows Form.

    I am developing a database app using and SQL Server. I am trying to come up with a way I can detect if the user has made any changes/updates to any data currently displayed on the form so that I can set a varible that I would check when the user closes the form to promt them to save their changes. I want to avoid writing a Sub for every Textbox_Change event in the entire app.

    Any Ideas?

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    Use the events with the datatable you are using i.e.

    The DataTable object provides a series of events that can be processed by an application. The following table describes DataTable events.

    1) ColumnChanged Occurs when a value has been inserted successfully into a column.
    2) ColumnChanging Occurs when a value has been submitted for a column.
    3) RowChanged Occurs after a row in the table has been edited successfully.
    4) RowChanging Occurs when a row in the table is changing.
    5) RowDeleted Occurs after a row in the table has been marked as Deleted.
    6) RowDeleting Occurs prior to a row in the table being marked as Deleted.

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    Thank you!

    Thank you for your time! This worked very well!

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