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    Exclamation Unanswered: Replication Advice needed


    We are developing a software for a logistic company, which will have around 1000 branches, and we need to synchronize the database(SQL Server) between all the branches using the database at web server, i.e the branches can get the new data from the web server,as well as push the data at the web server, please tell us how can we accomplish this task,


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    Cool Replication Advice needed

    This wont work if I'm reading this correctly. You want to have a server both receiving and pushing data. Besides using it as the web server and replication on one server to feed 1000 sites. I say get 4 deal Racs Use
    1. database server
    2. replication server
    3. webserver
    4. backupserver.
    at sites, have 2 server interfaces and one for live and the other for replication. Users should never get the live data. They only see the replication and thats transparent to them. Hope this helps. I'd also checkout real good info

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