I want to migrate data from msaccess to Oracle 9i . One table contains images in table having data type OLE which field should be kept for such image in Oracle 9i and how do write code in visual; basic to copy this dat from msaccess top Oracle code I use is as follow

rsstr = "insert into authsig_employee(EmployeeCode,surname,SIGNATORY_TY PE,Signature) values(" & rs_Access.Fields("EmployeeCode").Value & ",'" & rs_Access.Fields("surname").Value & "'," & rs_Access.Fields("SignatoryType").Value & "," & rs_Access.Fields("Signature").Value & ")"

Here Signature is OLE field having images stored while executing this line
I receive following error

ORA-0091 invalid character

Please suggest me solution "Signature" field in Oracle is of LongRaw