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    Unanswered: Convert Ms Access DB into MySql DB

    Hi all!
    I've to convert 3 db created in access into mySql DB.
    I know i can export tables as text files and then re-import them with the Sql command "load data infile.....", but there is a "little" problem: i've got 600 tables to do this!
    There is a way to avoid the passage or a tool that convert access into sql?
    Ty all!

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    Hey SiMoM,

    Currently I'm using DBTools Manager Professional 2.2.0 to do the conversion. It's not 100% perfect but the data do get 100% transferred. You do have to play with the table settings after conversion to make sure they still contain what you want (ie default values may change, names of tables may change).

    Another thing to note if using DBTools 2.2.0. If in Access your table names are uppercase, then when you convert it over to MySQL, the tables will be in lowercase. Make sure you check that the queries will run correctly.

    All over all I give DBTools 2.2.0 nine out of ten =D
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