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    Unanswered: Modification needed in forms

    Hi all ...

    i was working on a very tiny Airline program ... i have finished it ,,, but my teacher is saying that it need more things to be done,, "u can add things"
    but i dont know what are those things ...
    i have attached my work... if anyone can help me with this ...

    kind regards...
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    wiered ...12 person passed by and not a single replay !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    >12 person passed by and not a single replay !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please explain why you think WE have an obligation to do your homework for you.
    You can lead some folks to knowledge, but you can not make them think.
    The average person thinks he's above average!
    For most folks, they don't know, what they don't know.
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    dear anacedent ...its not a homework anymore ... i finished what is required from me ... which is a functional software ONLY ... and i have already attached it ...
    what i am asking for is more advance thing ... ideas... hmmmmmmmm ...what ever things to make the software look professional ... i am not searching for someone to do it for me ... what i need only ideas and thats it ... its there and ready to be use .... all what i want is ideas to make it better than what it is ...

    sorry to say that ... but what i discover from this forums people are not willing to help ... they alway say hoemwork and homework ... so what ????
    i think ppl need someone to help them at thier homework ... i didnt ask someone to do my home work for me ....its just a small help ....

    if u r willing to help thats fine ....if not... u can just pass like the 12 person befor u and say nothing ...

    i feel really bad about this ... its the second thing i post it in this forums and the same answer i got .... really wierd u r guys ....
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    I'm under the gun to get things done
    so let me just ask a guru.
    They've worked more years than I've been alive,
    no need for me... to even give it a try.
    I'll just post my assignment, kick back and wait,
    for them to reply, with an answer that's great.
    I'll take the credit as though it was mine,
    but if the answer is wrong, you can be sure I will whine!

    - You'll understand, when you have worked the years to gain the knowledge.

    Obiously, you are smart enough to have written an application, go with it.
    I interpret the information you presented to this forum, such that, YOUR professor wants YOU to think it through. Good luck.
    "Take Control!
    Make The Choice!
    Accept The Consequences!
    Deal With The Results! "

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    hi dbtoo2001 ... thnaks for the peopm ...that was good ...

    just wanted to tell u ... do u think if i was able to do it i will ask for help ?!?! ...
    if you c my program you will notice thatthe program is really tiny and simple, and you will discover that i am really biggener to oracle, am doing it for 4 months now, 2 houres a week. and i have no time to revise it as i work for 9 houres a day 6 days a week, and i have to study 4 other subjects, in 4 days a week and 4,30 houres a day !!!!

    the point of that >>>> i have no time to search and figure out what i should add to fligt software. i never worked on such software and know nothing about flights and teckit reservation.

    i was asking for ideas just to add knowledg. my homework is ready to be submitted and is attached with my first post.
    you may say i am asking ppl to do my homework if i asked to give me codes, or do it for me. but i asked only for ideas.

    why i feel that people in here cant understand me !!!!

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