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    Unanswered: ASA 8.0.2 (4332) - Database not accepting new TCPIP Connections

    We are having a problem with the database not accepting new TCPIP
    connections. The Engine and database appear to be fine, but if we try to
    connect... nothing happens and no error is raised.

    If a user is logged on when this occurs they are able to continue using the
    database normally.

    We recently applied EBF 4332 due to an issue with the
    TCPListenerShuttingDown that was supposedly fixed in EBF 4331.

    The database is running on a Win2k server.

    How can we further diagnose this issue?

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    Not a big ASA user. But for IQ, its the front end so have some experience. In order to increase the number of users from default (I think 10), we have to explicitly specify using flags (-gm and -gn) in the cfg file.

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    The symptoms that you detailed indicate like this is an licensing issue. Using ASA, the engine itself is licensed to a limited number of concurrent users.

    Check how many licenses your dbsrv has got during startup. If that is insufficient, you know what to do.

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