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    Unanswered: date and time stamp a changed row


    I am about to declare a table with 20 columns.

    How do I create 4 more columns:
    1. current Time
    2. current Day of the month
    3. current Month
    4. current Year

    Such that:
    a. These 4 columns are not editable by the user.
    b. Whenever a row is updated/inserted/replace/etc. then
    these 4 columns in that row are automatically updated
    by the system accordingly.


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    I don't think that MySQL can do that yet.


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    a. what do you mean by "not editable by the user"? which user?

    b. combine all 4 into 1 timestamp column, and make it the first one in the table, and the system will automatically update it just as you want -- and when you want the pieces (time, day, month, year) just use the appropriate functions | @rudydotca
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