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    Unanswered: Problems with diff backup and INDEXDEFRAG?

    SQL Server 2000 sp3 Enterprise (8.00.818) running on W2K Adv Server cluster.

    DB's and backups resided on a fibre SAN attached IBM FAStT 500 storage controller.

    I had problems with random restore failures, getting errors such as "3270 Internal Consistency Error" on log restores or on full restores after reporting problems with some of the files. This was fixed (we thought) by disabling the read caching on the FAStT 500 storage controller, per Microsoft's recommendation.

    We have a custom-written log shipping solution that maintains a 2nd copy of our user DB on the same system, so there's 700+ backups/restores of various types in the course of a week. After two months of error-free operation, we just got another Internal Consistency Error, but this time on a differential restore, which was a first. Looking back, we realized we were running a DBCC INDEXDEFRAG command on the source DB at the time the differential backup was running. Taking a new differential and using it in the restore sequence worked fine, so clearly the problem was in the first diff backup file.

    Anybody else noticed any problems with running DBCC INDEXDEFRAG at the same time as a differntial backup?

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    I had some problems with running DBCC DBREINDEX at the same time as a differential backup at one place I worked. I'm not sure if it's related or not. It was just a stupid oversight on my part to ever have it setup that way in the first place. Kind of interesting you had the same error with the INDEXDEFRAG though.
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    Thanks. That's enough to suggest to me that they shouldn't be done at the same time. As a matter of fact, we don't usually do this, but at the time of this particular issue, we were running an ad hoc INDEXDEFRAG on just a few tables, and boom!

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