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    Unanswered: Inventory Control

    I've been trying to use the "Inventory Control" template in access 2003.
    I've been trying to set the tables to what I need.

    I think another template or a boost with this one, I can get it up and going.

    I'm helping a friend setup Inventory for a shoe store.

    He has several shoes with the: Name, Model, Color, Size.

    The problem with the template is: there is a set ProductID
    and I always work from scatch without ProductIDs, which is hard
    for me to work around.

    My goal of the Inventory database is to be able to select on a Name brand and it will show the options of color and size and/or vise versa.

    I need to be able to put in how many he has of one brand with model and color and size, then when he makes a sale it will keep count of how many is on hand.

    There are about 18 sizes; basic colors and bi-colors. Several brands.

    I'm looking on a basic ideal of how I need to do this.


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    id number,
    name varchar(20),
    qty number

    insert into tableA (name, qty) values ('name', 10);
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