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    Exclamation Mysql Problem inserting multiple records into table

    Hi all how are you? I am just having a bit of an issue with my form script and mysql, inserting records from this form of mine into my table in my database.
    it looks like all my others and they work, so what could be so wrong with this. Here
    let me show you the code


    if (!$link)
    die("Couldn't connect to MySQL");
    or die("couldn't open $db:".mysql_error());

    $sender_firstandlast =$_POST['sender_firstandlast'];
    $sender_companyname =$_POST['sender_companyname'];

    mysql_select_db($db) or die("Cannot select the database.<br>" . mysql_error());
    $result=mysql_query("INSERT INTO quote (sender_firstandlast, sender_companyname, sender_email, sender_phonenumber, how_recieve, websitetitle, what, websitedetails, websitebudget, how_pages, completiondate, currenturl, chooseany, size, scripts, databases, scriptdetails) VALUES ('$sender_firstandlast','$sender_companyname','$se nder_email','$sender_phonenumber','$how_recieve',' $websitetitle','$what','$websitedetails','$website budget','$how_pages','$completiondate','$currentur l','$chooseany','$size','$scripts','$databases','$ scriptdetails')")or die("Insert Error: ".mysql_error());


    All my other scripts use this for their inserting data and so why doesn't this work. The variables are all set right im sure. They carry the same name= as in the form names. the names are correct in the Database Table. May be I entered the data the wrong way in my database??? I don't know, I've tried everything and my form is not running, well dumby me i need to put up my backup, duh, but in the mean time i would really like to solve this, please help me anyone. thanks

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    Hi, nice meeting you

    This is the suggestions and feedback forum...

    Try posting your message in the dedicated MySQL forum, here:


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