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    Unanswered: How to validate Preferred Credentials for Node...

    I am studying in a window XP plateforme with Oracle9i.

    My problem :

    1) I log into enterprise manager as "sysman"
    2) I log into my database with the user "sys"
    3) => Backup Management => Backup
    4) I alway receive a message which tell me that the Preferred Credential for node "localhost" are either not set or are invalid. And farter I have the procedure to correct it.....

    The problem is that this procedure is not explicit.... And I can't find any help to explain to me what I need to do.....

    Is there somebody who can help me?

    Thank you.

    Eric Willer

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    Preferred Credentials in this context will be the Admin login onto the
    WinXP machine itself ie: your user name & password for the machine
    login ( ie: localhost).

    You need to go into Enterprise Manager, Configuration menu and you'll see
    the Edit Preferred Credentials for your machine login ie: machine node.

    Also ensure that the preferred credentials for the database are there
    ie: database account and password.

    The reason you need this info is that when the backup schedule kicks
    in it will initiate a new login onto the machine, it will then create a
    database login session. Without you storing this information somewhere
    for the scheduler to grab you won't get very far .....

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    Thank you for your help and your explanation. I will try it.



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