I need to connect two office and two laptop for sharing a database with access 2003; I'm on focus on replica statement, to manage via vbcode.

Reading help and sites, I'm losting because I have found not concording thing. On MSDN I have read so:

ADO 2.8
Jet and Replication Objects (JRO)
The Microsoft Jet OLE DB Provider and other related components were removed from MDAC 2.6. Microsoft has deprecated the Microsoft Jet Engine, and plans no new releases or service packs for this component. As a result, the Jet and Replication Objects (JRO) is being deprecated in this release and will not be available in any future MDAC releases.

So, if I have understand, from DAO born ADO and JRO for replica functionality. But, if JRO is deprecated, what's happened?

My question is became so:
- what's the best and recent methods to manage a non-local shared access database?
- there is a good link where I can find logical sequence to manage correctly replica methods=
- synchronization over internet (asp/w2003 server) works now?

For my future application, what's the best way? MS-SQL + .Net
DAO manage only JET-db, that I think a good thing for only the first two years, but then I think will be necessary to performe better...