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    Unanswered: How to get a result from a execute()

    The Transact-SQL statements in the executed string do not have access to any of the variables declared in the batch that contains the sp_executesql or EXECUTE statement. The batch containing the sp_executesql or EXECUTE statement does not have access to variables or local cursors defined in the executed string

    but I do not like to create a store procedure to get a output.
    How can I get result from execute('...') like this:
    declare @result int
    set @result=0
    execute('select @result=count(*) from table_cost')

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    You can use:
    SET @i = 0		-- Just to prove something happened
    EXECUTE sp_executesql N'SET @i = 1', N'@i INT OUTPUT', @i OUTPUT
    SELECT @i

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