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    Arrow Unanswered: live art for the Internet using mySQL

    hello all.

    I'm a digital artist working from London

    I'm currently trying to create a piece of Live art for the internet by grabbing numerical values from an online database file, and inserting them into a shockwave application (written in Director MX), which will then create a graphical representation of the values.

    I'm trying to figure out how to dip into an online database file & grab the values I need. I've chosen mySQL as it is cross platform & open source, but I am happy to use any online database format that I can freely dip into
    More specifically, I want to find an online database file (with a static address so I can always get t it e.g. which is updated at least every five minutes, and where each numerical value is assigned an identifier of some kind (e.g. a letter) so that my program can find its values. Ideally the values would always be within a specific range so that I could be sure my Graphical representation would be reliable.

    Does anyone know of any good FAQs so I can teach myself how to grab data in this way? General advice & suggestions from experienced users would be greatly appreciated

    feel free to look at my website to see my work. I have 6 films and 12 music tracks online.



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    come on guys! surely someone here knows more than me?

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