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    Unanswered: FM Server 5.5 Export on a schedule

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to integrate a FileMaker-based system with another system. I need to export the data from FileMaker regularly. The FileMaker system is 5.5, Server on Mac OSX 10.3 and 3 clients running Pro on Windows.

    I've tried going at it through ODBC to pull the data. I could do it, but the tables/files I need have many records and many summarized fields, so it runs very slowly and the ODBC connection times out.

    So, I tried exporting the data. It works great. I can export the data when I'm working manually or scripting on my single-user development copy. Runs really fast, slick as heck. So, I put an export script into the files I'm interested in and then I made an "export" filemaker file which performs external in the 4 other filemaker files that I want to run. Again, on my single-user copy, it works great.

    Then I turned off the server and moved my files into place. Turned the server back on and setup a scheduled script run to try it out. It doesn't work at all.

    There are many relationships between files, I haven't fully mapped them out, but the data I want does truely live in the files I'm doing the perform/external-script/exports on.

    I tried changing the perform to find the external script via the host button so it includes the exact IP address of the server. That didn't make it work.

    I believe this server scripting can provide the best solution to my problem, but I'm running out of ideas on how to get it working. Please, help me figure out why the script isn't working when I run it on the server as a scheduled activity. Are there any books I ought to go buy/read on this topic?

    My fallback is to backup the whole database on a schedule, copy it to a working directory on the client PC and export it from there.

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    Is the server logged in with root access? Where are the scripts set up to create the export data files?

    Is it possible that there is a permissions issue that is preventing the files from creating export files when they reside on the server?

    Just a thought...
    FileMaker Developer

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