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    Cool Unanswered: How many risk on upgrade 9203 to 9205?(4 nodes RAC)

    My database is a 4 nodes 9203 RAC. Many hang /split-brain or crash have occured on the RAC. DBA filled all of database users' complain. Therefore, many TAR opened in metalink, are suggested to upgrade to 9205.
    I dont know how many ridk on that upgrade, how many test should be take.

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    a couple of weeks ago we upgaded our 2 nodes RAC on Advanced Server 2.1 from to without any problems.
    what we did:

    backup of $ORACLE_HOME
    backup of all the Oracle Files
    then followed the readme instructions

    and so far we have no new trouble

    but you will have to apply a new verstion of the oracle installer first and then apply the patch
    startup migrate


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    thanks for reply!
    I have read some material about oracle9.2.0.5 on Metalink website and some discussion on internet.
    The info in v$session after is, and the info in v$session after is ORACLE tells the customers to ignore the mistake. I don’t think that these two version(9204 and 9205) are very good.
    I could no find oracle9.2.0.5 “safety paper” or any testing report.

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