I have installed the latest Perl from Activestate and Sybase Personal 12.5
and although I've managed to get Java to connect and talk to Sybase, it
seems the Perl/Sybase connection is proving more tricky than expected.

I've run ppm and installed both DBI and DBD:ybase for Perl and used
this code to connect :

use DBI;
use DBD:ybase;

my $host = 'localhost';
my $db = 'SYBSRV01';
my $db_username = 'dev';
my $db_password = 'dev';
my $dsn = "dbiybase:hostname=localhost;server=SYBSRV01";

print "Before connect\n";

$dbh = undef;
$dbh = DBI->connect($dsn, $db_username, $db_password);

print "Please print me, go on - be nice\n"; # it never prints this

Now - the Perl actually connects to Sybase, as you can see the
connection using sp_who on Sybase - and as you would expect
its AWAITING COMMAND. But control is never passed back to Perl
so no dbh (database handle) is returned.

I'm completely stumped as to why this might be, I've turned off (and
even uninstalled ZoneAlarm in case there was any port protection)
but no joy (I'm using Windows XP btw). Has anyone had this problem
and solved it or could suggest anything I might do to further
investigate this issue ?

if so I'd be very grateful