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    Unanswered: Creating a form template / Why do datasheet field headers resize?

    Does anybody know how to create a template from an existing form layout, without the data (i.e. just the design) and then import it into a new form?

    Also, when I create a subform in datasheet view, the field headers automatically resize even though I right-click, go to Properties, and change the widths manually in both Design and Form views, to no avail? Can anybody tell me why this is so, and possibly offer a solution for it?

    Also, is it possible to insert a picture into a form that changes according to the record. For example, if I have a form to input, say, menu items; and one menu item is called RCHIC, with a corresponding image called RCHIC.jpg, is there a way to set it up so that for each record, its corresponding image appears and obviously therefore changes each time?


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    Hi Grace,

    About the resizing - I've never had that specific problem myself, but try this:

    In design view, go to the properties of the form header/detail, and set the 'can grow'/'can shrink' properties to 'no'.

    Hope this helps

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    Hey Grace - welcome back, hope it's all going well.

    1. You should probably copy one of your existing forms (right-click, copy. Right-click - paste). name it frmTemplate or something like that, then delete all of the controls - delete the Record Source etc. Then whenever you need a new form - just copy the template one. This way all of your colours, buttons, pictures etc can remain in the templete.

    2. I haven't seen this - looks like frekster may have the solution though.

    3. A few ways to handle this - depends on how you want to do it. If you know there's a (relatively) small and finite number of images that you want to show - you could put them all on the form - and hide / show them depending on the type of record that's being shown. If you want to bind an image to a particular record - I guess you'd want the file name in the table itself, and change the source of a generic image each time you navigate through the records. I haven't done this myself - so I'm not sure how it would work. I'm sure someone's done it before though.

    Good luck

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    hi graceadair,

    For the image thingy, In your table create an OLE object to hold the image. Then when you create your form, include that OLE field. Then, for each record you are on and want to place an object simply RightClick on that OLE field, Click on InsertObject, then select the CreateFromFile button and map it to wherever your image resides. That way, your image is tied to that particular record.

    Now, for the DataSheet field size thing, when you have your DataSheetForm open (Form not Table), size your fields as you are looking at them. Click on SAVE. The next time you open your form it will be the same way. No need to go to DesignView.

    BTW, check your other post on the CriteriaSearchForm.

    have a nice day,

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    I have one thing to recommend. Make sure you "Link" the OLE object. Otherwise, your database will become very large like mine. Very hard to move.

    Have you ever thought about thinking on purpose?

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    JS is spot on - the other week I spent an entire morning getting rid of about 10 MB of embedded bitmaps from a database.
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    ur codings are working excelent.

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