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    Question Unanswered: How to connect from to DB2 on OS/390

    Hello All,
    Its been long that I am tring to connect form code to a database on OS/390 but unable to do that.
    Actually i wana connect it using ODBC and without using any third party tool.
    is it really possible if yes,then kindly guide me how to do that


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    You will need a DB2 Client like DB2 Connect that will provide you with ODBC Drivers for DB2 for OS/390 or ZOS ...


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    Question Ya I tried that

    very first of all Thanks,
    I tried that too actually i got the personal edition version for the IBM web site and installed that on my machine.I got ODBC drives along with it.But still i am not able to connect. I am confused with two things
    first,There is a class IBM.DATA.DB2 that has come along the connect. wheather i should use that to connect or should i use a simple OLEDB class and the drivers to move ahead.
    I Tried to use the class but wasn't able to connect as it gives some error of not able to find Database where as the database is very much there

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