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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Drilling Down To Detail Level

    Am using Crystal Reports Version 7

    I have a business hierarchy with a different number of levels depending on which leg you go down e.g. of levels

    Company, Directorate, Business Unit, L1 to L7.

    Most of the company does not go past L3 or L4.
    What i need if it can be done is when there is no department in the next
    hierarchy level i need it to jump to the detail level for example

    There is information in levels (Company,Directorate,Business Unit,L1,L2 & L3
    There is nothing in L4 so I need to go to the Details straight away instead
    of drilling though the rest of the other groups that don't exist in this part of the hierarchy.

    Any help would be much appreciated , Hope what i've writen makes sense



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    try this out

    those dtat or fields which are conditional means those which u wont to jump

    for ex set suppress condition for those level you dont want when there is nothing in l4

    if you right click on any section you will see suppress checkbox ,click that and just next to it there is button for formula click on that and
    write for ex.
    L4 or anyfiled in L4 for ex. id=""
    i mean L4 means you can have any field of data which is under L4 layer and if that data is null ("") then those Layers will be suppressed means u wont see.

    try this
    best luck

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