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    Unanswered: Crystal Reports - Subreports Questions

    I have a report that uses two databases, and the link between the two is an account number. The first table is called CIF and the second is RptFinal.

    On this report, there are four subreports, and the first two and fourth will always have data and the third sometimes.

    My problems are :-

    * When the first subreport has more data in it than space left to the bottom of the page, it ejects a page and prints the first section on the second page. I need it to print what it can on the first page, eject a page and then print the heading and then the remainder of the page.
    *There is sometimes no data in the third subreport and when the report prints, it "reserves" space between the second and fourth subreports, even though suppress blank report is on.

    Any help with be greatly appreciated!

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    Q1: I would say that you have the "Keep Together" option ticked, if you make it use the formula so that the Keep Together has a formula of PageNumber>1 then it will only get kicked when you go to the second page then it should work.
    Q2: This was why I was looking in this forum - coz I wanted to know the same - but then it came to me, why not set the Format of the Subreport to Can Grow and minimize the vertical size of subreport. Not perfect - but you can get it pretty small. I tried all the usual of supressing the report if it had no return value and the like but nothing worked. But this gives the best result.

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    I just resolved this for myself, I know this is an old thread but it showed up when I google search for subreport suppression so maybe it will help someone.

    To suppress a subreport that is blank you have to right click on the subreport in the main report and choose "format subreport". Then click the tab for 'subreport'. Click the checkbox for 'Suppress Blank Subreport'. Now your 'Section Expert' checkbox for 'Suppress Blank Section' will work.

    I think the problem is that the section expert sees the subreport as a container there may not be any data in it but it's still there. By formatting the subreport to suppress when blank the main report now doesn't see the container since it has been suppressed and it can now suppress the "blank" section.

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